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A Welcome from the OVC President

Dear fellow web surfer and maybe also motorcyclist,


In February 1999, the OZ Vmax Club was born and with it a growing feeling of solidarity amongst a very special breed of motorcyclists down under, The Vmaxists!

There are many Vmax Clubs around this planet and some very good ones too (check out the French, the German, the UK and the US ones for instances...), but we do hope to bring something still a bit different to the Vmax world community nonetheless.
  • Our mission is to provide you, our guests and fellow members, with many top web services that we also hope to keep free of charge as long as possible.

  • Plus, as nowadays the VMax may be slowly disappearing, it is our duty to show our love for the beast and to continue to let it roll on for as long as we can... and so can you!

We now believe that this meeting place (as we like to call it) will be more attractive and user friendly as ever so we can welcome new members and share the fun we have with the Vmax.

So come on in now and join us! Use the forums to discuss your next ride this week end around your area for instance or tell us all about what you have done to your bike in your very own blog (journal) or even share what you want to sell or buy with the world in the ads section... This world is your oyster!

Now let's give you a taste of what's coming up here for registered members et al:

  • We have a searchable Gallery so you can upload your own pictures and art work,

  • We have a full flown OVC Forums where you will swap ideas, check events on the calendar, give your opinion via polls...

For the Vmaxists and muscle bikes owners, membership is STILL free of charge (but donations are always welcome to continue making this site even better). You can also advertise your business with us or sponsor our site. Contact me if you want to help your club.

In the mean time, we wish you and your family a great and safe year.

Yours Friendly,




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